A Rabbit Invasion

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The city was infested with rabbits. There were rabbits all around. Rabbits here, rabbits there, rabbits everywhere. I tried to honk and navigate through the deluged streets but they wouldn’t listen. So I had to do it. I crushed the rabbits on my way and took to the highway. I was stopped midway by a rabbit the size of the empire state building, which stood in my way, gazing at me incessantly with a stare that seemed to last an eternity. Poised and confident, I stepped out of my car and tried to talk him out of the way. But it was not to be. It stepped on me, snapped my head with its feet and bit it off with those 10 feet teeth that resided within that fiendish mandible. And that was the end of me.



Wait. Wait. STOP.

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I decide to go right in.All I see is darkness. Absolutely unilluminated, the darkness is tangible.I open my mouth and feel I can taste it.The cacophonous,hair-raising shriek of the monster forces me to run ahead,deeper and deeper in the long maze that is this cave.

I run now. For my life.

I stop involuntarily. It seems as if my head were smashed by a ten ton hammer.And now I feel myself slipping into sweet unconsciousness…

I can sense things now. It’s an indescribably eldritch sense of delirium. Two hours, perhaps three days.. I’m finding it hard to gather my faculties, think straight and determine how much time has swept past. I feel my eyelids and find that they have been sewn to the skin. This explains why I have not been able to open up my eyes. Now I’m deluged with a torrent of umpteen questions: Whose shriek was it? How did I get in the cave in the first place? Where am I now? Will I be killed? How will I find my way out of this seemingly inescapable quandary? Will this ever end? Am I stuck here for eternity?

The answers evade me. My cluttered, weary, unsettled mind allows me to think no further. Try as I might, I know that thinking now shall not help.

I’m lost somewhere in space and time.

The death of the unworthy

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Silent night, a rusty knife
down in the basement he lay
The dog watched with eager eyes
It knew I was to slay

Implored, beseeched, he cried out loud
an instant death he craved
Lying there, supine, shackled
he knew he had been enslaved

Death stared him in his eyes
he saw his death in me
Terrified, petrified
there was nowhere he could flee

Instinctual sadistic rage
took over me and I was possessed
Clemency denied, shrieks condoned
I sliced his hands in shreds

Throat sore, his voice hoarse
and all I did was gloat
Howls died, gurgles ensued
as I poured acid down his throat

Hacked his torso, I hacked it hard
materialized his worst nightmare
A brutal sight, a carnal fright
I threw the innards here and there

Breathing stopped, his life expired
and I revelled in gore and blood
Death embraced him, I released him
He landed with a dull thud

He died there, he died like a scum
I fed him to the dog
It feasted, oblivious
that it was the next to come

Bow before the Khargosh

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Midnight time and no one in sight
as far as you can see
Do not be tempted to touch and cuddle
if HE appears out of nowhere in front of thee

The Khargosh is a sadistic bastard
He’ll take you back to his place
He’ll slice your organ into two
and put it in the oven to bake

He’ll eat it then with a blissful grin
and you’ll recline and watch
While you’ve been plunged in a tub of acid
and it’s burnt underneath red hot

Slower you die, the happier he’d be
deriving pleasure in the delay
He’ll scrutinize you up and down
till your death turns your skin dark grey

His dinner you’d be, He’d gorge on you
and avoid the regular fries
I do not know what he’d have in it
maybe a soup with your eyes

He’ll throw the bones out in the lawn
they would not be wasted at all
They’ll attract the dogs in the neighbourhood
3-4 would be slaughtered before the night shall fall

Avoid the Khargosh, if you want to live
and not be HIS inhuman kill
A tyrant HE is, HE owns this place
there’s no one to question HIS will

Midnight time and no one in sight
as far as you can see
Run like the Khargosh, all the way back home
bolt the door from the inside, just flee


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I kept my eyes closed.
A swift breeze blew from the left,engulfed me and made me feel absolutely naked.
I could sense my hair being ruffled up.I couldn’t care less.

And then I opened my cerebral eyes and threw a look around. The trees smiled,the birds sang and the vast open stretch of grass amidst which I stood shone like gold. It measured up to my shoulders,the gold..that swayed in random directions..catering to the whims of the breeze..as capricious..as it could ever be. The morning dew made me look down and realize I had been barefoot. The pristine milieu soaked me in a state of euphoria as I sauntered through the stretch of gold…for a while..and developed an affinity for it…more than reality.

And then I ran. I ran blithely…like a child..free of inhibitions. I ran and ran…till it was arduous for me to catch my breath.

Mechanically,I came to a halt. I was perspiring.
Beads of sweat that originated in the posterior of my ears had made their way down to the neck. Within moments they had vanished and formed a part of the air’s water vapour content. I calmed down,heaved a sigh and then let silence prevail. The lull titillated my senses as I lay down on my back and gazed at the sky incessantly..to the point of satiety…recognizing patterns of clouds in the sky. One of them was like a cat with a peculiarly long and distorted tail.

After a while I stood up and moved on. In a distance I saw 3 village kids and made my way towards them. One of them held a spool,the other swinged his hands and the last one stood idle whilst they all regarded the sky. In curiosity,I looked at the sky too to find a hovering object that struggled where it was. The object was a kite! And the weather was propitious! I wanted to have a go at it. So I struck up a conversation with them. Later I asked one of them to let me have control over it for a few moments. He acquiesced. And then it was me who held on to the thread that connected itself to the kite. It wasn’t easy to control it. The kite agitated in the air and I struggled to keep it levitating. Within minutes, it was down. The kids gave me a look and then went running through the grass to fetch it back from wherever it was then.

I moved on. I saw this apple laden tree and climbed up,found a particularly thick branch and lay down with my anterior rested on it while I let my limbs swing sideways,back and forth. And then I plucked a distinctly red and succulent apple from the ramification. I feasted on the fruit.

It was instinctual not nutritional hunger that forced me to have one more.And then I had another.And another..

I fell into a deep torpor.Lost somewhere in space and time.

It was the doorbell that drew me back to the real world. I opened up my eyes. Before I went and opened the door,I promised this imagination land to visit whenever I’d need a brief respite from the mundane chores of life!

And then…it happened…

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I woke up and found myself alone in a jungle. Now that was eccentric. It was not a regular phenomenon. It wasn’t everyday that I woke up and found myself in a jungle. All around me,I could see trees. Big,long,huge trees which were densely populated in that region. Though it was an afternoon,it was a little dark around me. The trees prevented most of the light from falling on the turf. The silence was disturbed by an incessant humming and occasional sounds of the birds and apes that dwelt the place. I felt itchy all over.

Just when I was excogitating a way of extricating myself out of this predicament,this tribal guy walked in and made his way right in front of me. It was relieving,the sight of another human in the vicinity. And then I saw a saw which had been lying next to me all the time. I asked him if he’d like to have his limbs and head parted,so as to reduce him to a mere torso. He gesticulated animatedly and I took it as an assent. So I did to him what I had offered to do. A loud shriek ensued when metal made contact with his skin. The blood curdling noise upset the morbid silence that had found it’s bastion in the jungle. Actually,what the tribal meant to convey by his gestures was a vehement dissent.

But it was too late already. The communication gap costed him his life.  And then,I left that bloody torso right there. All that was left of the tribal then,was a carnal fright! The mutilation left his body in a state that “defied description”. And I had been the one to perpetrate that bloody slaughter. I gave a look to the remnants of his body and walked away, to find a cozy nook for myself to sleep in. I found one and slept the time away.

When I woke up again, I was back home nestled in my bed. But little did I know that the limbs of the tribal were lying under my bed.


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I was going through some sites for creating blogs…happened to find http://www.wordpress.com…and now… even before I knew…I had put my blog into existence!