Bow before the Khargosh

Midnight time and no one in sight
as far as you can see
Do not be tempted to touch and cuddle
if HE appears out of nowhere in front of thee

The Khargosh is a sadistic bastard
He’ll take you back to his place
He’ll slice your organ into two
and put it in the oven to bake

He’ll eat it then with a blissful grin
and you’ll recline and watch
While you’ve been plunged in a tub of acid
and it’s burnt underneath red hot

Slower you die, the happier he’d be
deriving pleasure in the delay
He’ll scrutinize you up and down
till your death turns your skin dark grey

His dinner you’d be, He’d gorge on you
and avoid the regular fries
I do not know what he’d have in it
maybe a soup with your eyes

He’ll throw the bones out in the lawn
they would not be wasted at all
They’ll attract the dogs in the neighbourhood
3-4 would be slaughtered before the night shall fall

Avoid the Khargosh, if you want to live
and not be HIS inhuman kill
A tyrant HE is, HE owns this place
there’s no one to question HIS will

Midnight time and no one in sight
as far as you can see
Run like the Khargosh, all the way back home
bolt the door from the inside, just flee


~ by sahilspeaks on August 18, 2008.

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