Wait. Wait. STOP.


I decide to go right in.All I see is darkness. Absolutely unilluminated, the darkness is tangible.I open my mouth and feel I can taste it.The cacophonous,hair-raising shriek of the monster forces me to run ahead,deeper and deeper in the long maze that is this cave.

I run now. For my life.

I stop involuntarily. It seems as if my head were smashed by a ten ton hammer.And now I feel myself slipping into sweet unconsciousness…

I can sense things now. It’s an indescribably eldritch sense of delirium. Two hours, perhaps three days.. I’m finding it hard to gather my faculties, think straight and determine how much time has swept past. I feel my eyelids and find that they have been sewn to the skin. This explains why I have not been able to open up my eyes. Now I’m deluged with a torrent of umpteen questions: Whose shriek was it? How did I get in the cave in the first place? Where am I now? Will I be killed? How will I find my way out of this seemingly inescapable quandary? Will this ever end? Am I stuck here for eternity?

The answers evade me. My cluttered, weary, unsettled mind allows me to think no further. Try as I might, I know that thinking now shall not help.

I’m lost somewhere in space and time.


~ by sahilspeaks on April 17, 2009.

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