I kept my eyes closed.
A swift breeze blew from the left,engulfed me and made me feel absolutely naked.
I could sense my hair being ruffled up.I couldn’t care less.

And then I opened my cerebral eyes and threw a look around. The trees smiled,the birds sang and the vast open stretch of grass amidst which I stood shone like gold. It measured up to my shoulders,the gold..that swayed in random to the whims of the it could ever be. The morning dew made me look down and realize I had been barefoot. The pristine milieu soaked me in a state of euphoria as I sauntered through the stretch of gold…for a while..and developed an affinity for it…more than reality.

And then I ran. I ran blithely…like a of inhibitions. I ran and ran…till it was arduous for me to catch my breath.

Mechanically,I came to a halt. I was perspiring.
Beads of sweat that originated in the posterior of my ears had made their way down to the neck. Within moments they had vanished and formed a part of the air’s water vapour content. I calmed down,heaved a sigh and then let silence prevail. The lull titillated my senses as I lay down on my back and gazed at the sky the point of satiety…recognizing patterns of clouds in the sky. One of them was like a cat with a peculiarly long and distorted tail.

After a while I stood up and moved on. In a distance I saw 3 village kids and made my way towards them. One of them held a spool,the other swinged his hands and the last one stood idle whilst they all regarded the sky. In curiosity,I looked at the sky too to find a hovering object that struggled where it was. The object was a kite! And the weather was propitious! I wanted to have a go at it. So I struck up a conversation with them. Later I asked one of them to let me have control over it for a few moments. He acquiesced. And then it was me who held on to the thread that connected itself to the kite. It wasn’t easy to control it. The kite agitated in the air and I struggled to keep it levitating. Within minutes, it was down. The kids gave me a look and then went running through the grass to fetch it back from wherever it was then.

I moved on. I saw this apple laden tree and climbed up,found a particularly thick branch and lay down with my anterior rested on it while I let my limbs swing sideways,back and forth. And then I plucked a distinctly red and succulent apple from the ramification. I feasted on the fruit.

It was instinctual not nutritional hunger that forced me to have one more.And then I had another.And another..

I fell into a deep torpor.Lost somewhere in space and time.

It was the doorbell that drew me back to the real world. I opened up my eyes. Before I went and opened the door,I promised this imagination land to visit whenever I’d need a brief respite from the mundane chores of life!


~ by sahilspeaks on July 16, 2008.

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