The death of the unworthy

Silent night, a rusty knife
down in the basement he lay
The dog watched with eager eyes
It knew I was to slay

Implored, beseeched, he cried out loud
an instant death he craved
Lying there, supine, shackled
he knew he had been enslaved

Death stared him in his eyes
he saw his death in me
Terrified, petrified
there was nowhere he could flee

Instinctual sadistic rage
took over me and I was possessed
Clemency denied, shrieks condoned
I sliced his hands in shreds

Throat sore, his voice hoarse
and all I did was gloat
Howls died, gurgles ensued
as I poured acid down his throat

Hacked his torso, I hacked it hard
materialized his worst nightmare
A brutal sight, a carnal fright
I threw the innards here and there

Breathing stopped, his life expired
and I revelled in gore and blood
Death embraced him, I released him
He landed with a dull thud

He died there, he died like a scum
I fed him to the dog
It feasted, oblivious
that it was the next to come


~ by sahilspeaks on August 18, 2008.

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