And then…it happened…

I woke up and found myself alone in a jungle. Now that was eccentric. It was not a regular phenomenon. It wasn’t everyday that I woke up and found myself in a jungle. All around me,I could see trees. Big,long,huge trees which were densely populated in that region. Though it was an afternoon,it was a little dark around me. The trees prevented most of the light from falling on the turf. The silence was disturbed by an incessant humming and occasional sounds of the birds and apes that dwelt the place. I felt itchy all over.

Just when I was excogitating a way of extricating myself out of this predicament,this tribal guy walked in and made his way right in front of me. It was relieving,the sight of another human in the vicinity. And then I saw a saw which had been lying next to me all the time. I asked him if he’d like to have his limbs and head parted,so as to reduce him to a mere torso. He gesticulated animatedly and I took it as an assent. So I did to him what I had offered to do. A loud shriek ensued when metal made contact with his skin. The blood curdling noise upset the morbid silence that had found it’s bastion in the jungle. Actually,what the tribal meant to convey by his gestures was a vehement dissent.

But it was too late already. The communication gap costed him his life.  And then,I left that bloody torso right there. All that was left of the tribal then,was a carnal fright! The mutilation left his body in a state that “defied description”. And I had been the one to perpetrate that bloody slaughter. I gave a look to the remnants of his body and walked away, to find a cozy nook for myself to sleep in. I found one and slept the time away.

When I woke up again, I was back home nestled in my bed. But little did I know that the limbs of the tribal were lying under my bed.


~ by sahilspeaks on July 1, 2008.

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